Pegasus Crystal are IN – Filling Orders Video Log Wed 1-25-12

The Pegasus backorders are here and being filled today.  Hopefully I’ve purchased enough Pegasus Crystals to get us through the week.  Don’t hesitate to order yours today as I will be ordering more next week too.  Shipping is FREE within the continental US and for those of you outside the US email me and I’ll get you the price to ship to you.

Thanks for making the Pegasus Necklaces so popular – I’m so very glad you are enjoying them.  I wear mine everyday now!!


About Gentle Horse Trainer Missy Wryn

Specializing in problem and dangerous horses Missy Wryn is an internationally recognized Gentle Horse Trainer and member of the Association of Professional Humane Educators. Missy's Training the Whole Horse® methods & techniques and the creation of her widely popular All-In-One Bitless Bridle have been featured in media such as Alaska Airlines Magazine, Equine Monthly, Natural Horse, NW Horse Source, Stable Management, The Horse Show with Rick Lamb, Horse Girl TV and more. For more information visit Missy Wryn’s website at or call toll free (888) 406-7689.
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