Fibromyalgia – Mad Men – Connecting the Dots

I just started watching Mad Men on Netflix streaming and can’t believe what I’m seeing.  My mom and dad’s lifestyle played out so familiar.  Down to the cigarettes while pregnant, drinking hard liquor while pregnant, using saccharin while pregnant.  Don’t get me started on the Patriarchal thing – my blood boils every time I watch the show – I love and hate it all at the same time.

Is there any connection between Fibromyalgia and the lifestyle of the late 50’s to mid 60’s?  I am a baby of the early 60’s, my mom smoked, drank and used saccharin and goodness know what else, all blindly believing her doctor and the “government” knew better than she did – her husband knew better than she did ROAR!!!!

I’d like to know the numbers, the stats.  Is Fibromyalgia epidemic in my generation and/or does it stop at a generation or does it continue?  Are my kids possibly going to have Fibromyalgia or not because I didn’t smoke, drink or eat any artificial sweeteners, and really watched what I put into my body while pregnant with them.  My kids are in their early 20’s and so far no signs of Fibro, no chronic headaches as was my first symptom.  Curious, I wonder what the stats are.  Where’s the research on this?  Can anyone direct me to the stats or research?  Does any of this make sense or am I simply grasping as a desperate Fibro sufferer who is constantly on the look out for the cause so maybe I can find my cure?

Wishing you a lovely week.  Let me know how I can be of assistance to you my fellow fibro friends, in any way.  Visit me at the Equine Support Center for Fibromyalgia.



About Gentle Horse Trainer Missy Wryn

Specializing in problem and dangerous horses Missy Wryn is an internationally recognized Gentle Horse Trainer and member of the Association of Professional Humane Educators. Missy's Training the Whole Horse® methods & techniques and the creation of her widely popular All-In-One Bitless Bridle have been featured in media such as Alaska Airlines Magazine, Equine Monthly, Natural Horse, NW Horse Source, Stable Management, The Horse Show with Rick Lamb, Horse Girl TV and more. For more information visit Missy Wryn’s website at or call toll free (888) 406-7689.
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