How do horses support you?  How can they help you?  Having Fibromyalgia can leave you feeling hopeless, helpless, weak and depressed.  The thought of being around horses, grooming, petting, working and riding can be only a dream you think.  The thoughts that you think “no way” can deepen your sorrow, and drive you further into depression.  I want to reach out to you, horse owner, former horse owner, horse lover, always wanted to be around horses but never have, I am here to tell you that just because you have Fibromyalgia that doesn’t have to stop you.  I have methods and techniques that can help you.  I have discovered and developed ways that energize so you can enjoy horse time.  This goes beyond just relaxing and relieving stress, this is about empowerment and discovering  that you can love your body and it can work with you reconnecting to you wholly.  Let me explain.

One of the most important things we need to know when around horses is communication.  We must speak in herd language to be safer and to connect with a horse.  Herd language requires us to be aware of our bodies and working with mindfulness.

Using our bodies in a positive way, to communicate with a horse empowers us, makes us feel good about our bodies.  As Fibro sufferers we tend to despise our bodies, angry with our bodies for failing us, for being in pain and suffering us.  However when we can use our bodies to talk with a horse now our bodies are working with us.  We are having success as our horse listens and responds to our body as it speaks while under our control.  We are now one with our bodies and it is serving us.  How remarkable is it, our bodies are listening,  and a 1000 lb animal is moving and responding to what we are saying.  Our bodies are now ours and we can use them to our benefit.

Mindfulness is when we are aware of our thoughts and how that impacts our body language.  Our horses pick up on every little nuance of our bodies so we must be aware of our thoughts so we are not sending messages we don’t intend.  Mindfulness comes with practice.  Practice brings awareness and awareness grows from our minds to our bodies.  Once mindfulness becomes a mastery you will begin to notice how your thoughts can change how your body feels.  This is not to say that you can rid yourself of all your fibro pain, but when you are aware of negative thoughts and deliberately change them to a positive thought one by one you will notice that your body doesn’t feel as bad.  Mindfulness is a key to easing your body’s suffering and is necessary for successful communication with your body and the horse.

During my sessions I incorporate energizing methods to ready you for a splendid and feel-good time with a horse.  Reducing your trigger pain points and bringing in energy into your body in ways that are gentle and subtle will surprise and empower you.

To learn more visit the Equine Support Center for Fibromyalgia or call 888-406-7689 or send me an email Missy@MissyWryn.com.  Let me know how I can be of further support to you.



About Gentle Horse Trainer Missy Wryn

Specializing in problem and dangerous horses Missy Wryn is an internationally recognized Gentle Horse Trainer and member of the Association of Professional Humane Educators. Missy's Training the Whole Horse® methods & techniques and the creation of her widely popular All-In-One Bitless Bridle have been featured in media such as Alaska Airlines Magazine, Equine Monthly, Natural Horse, NW Horse Source, Stable Management, The Horse Show with Rick Lamb, Horse Girl TV and more. For more information visit Missy Wryn’s website at MissyWryn.com or call toll free (888) 406-7689.
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