Fibromyalgia Stigma – This Article Says it ALL

I endured 26 years of being a “closet” Fibromyalgia sufferer and suffered abuse from doctors when I brought it up.  This article says it all.

Fibromyalgia Article by PR Newswire – Separating Fact from Fiction

Let me know how I can be of support to you.



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4 Responses to Fibromyalgia Stigma – This Article Says it ALL

  1. It is very nice to see that my city was among the first to proclaim, in 2010, a day for Fibro Awareness. This document was assembled after myself and others in the city were diagnosed with and started advocating for Fibro patients.

  2. Summer Rose says:

    Hello Missy, glad to see I’m not alone in this… I have FM too. I also have auto-immune deficiencies, diabetes, hypothyroidism, hashimoto, hormone imbalances, IBS, low DHEA, Adrenal fatigue, etc… I am now mostly housebound and live in pain all over my body evry dy. I have no candida either and I don’t drink, smoke, or eat refined sugar. When I have flare-ups, in severe pain all dy, theres a low pressure atmosphere and the weather turns into a storm. I believe it could be something to do with spinal injury, frm some accident or fall etc… I have a few areas in my spine that have had injuries, also have spondylitis in the lower spine. My comfort and encrgmnt comes frm my faith in God, He is my hope and strength. Nothing else helps me to cope. I put my trust in Him even when I don’t understand. I continue to research as much as I can to find a cure or any help with the pain. I have gained a lot of weight bcuz of my forced secondary lifestyle and often get treated badly by doctors who think that all I need do is diet and exercise [if only I could…easier said then done!!]. I used to have a very active lifestyle, horse-riding, gym 3x’s a wk, squash, tennis, table-tennis, swimming, ballet [as a young girl], walk and run for life, weighless, weight-watchers, dancing, cycling, country walks etc…. cannot do any of them anymore and I miss them very much evry single dy of my life! So I now do not go to any Dr as I am so fed up with being treated like a freak….. it knocks my self-worth and self-esteem hard and I’m the one who comes home and has to deal with the damage alone, until I feel strong enough to go out again when I am able to have a gd dy [and that could be months]. I do thk my God for a very gd and loving husband, whose support is priceless…and I tell him as much as I can how much I appreciate him, he’s jst wndrful and he makes my dys happy and comfrtable. Thk u very much for all your insight and info and honesty into this painful disease. Warm hugs and blessings, Summer Rose.

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