Fibromyalgia – Mad Men and the Debunk of the Dots

Had a doctor visit on Friday and she completely debunked my Mad Man “Connecting the Dots” to Fibromyalgia. My doctor has Fibromyalgia and says her mom lived in Calcutta on a fresh food farm, no exposure to toxins, no alcohol, no cigarettes giving birth to my doctor at the age of 18.5 y/o. Her mom did not move to the US until after my doctor’s birth.

The similarity between my fibro and my doc is she had 3 car accidents as a young woman with broken bones and neck injuries. That seems to be a common thread for most fibro sufferers, a traumatic accident with serious physical injuries. So no DOTS on the lifestyle of the 60’s and let me say I was not blaming my mom & yes I apologized to her and explained I don’t blame her for my fibro – doctors were God along with government at that time and DDT was an acceptable pesticide – it was the context of life and I’ll look back on what is acceptable today and cringe I’m sure.

So I’m back on the journey to the cause and how can I improve my quality of life living with Fibromyalgia. This has led me back to thyroid madness working with my doctor closely changing my treatment since the symptoms cross connect with fibro. Hopefully some relief may be in the future and I will share the progress.

BTW yes people use the excuse of Fibro to obtain prescription pain killers which is one of the biggest reasons Fibro has a stigma and people often delay diagnosis.  This is a serious misconception that fibro sufferers are drug abusers.  Also some believe the use of prescription pain pills is the cause of fibromyalgia.  I don’t have any evidence or research for that claim, however speaking for myself I did not have access to prescription pain pills until after my diagnosis so drug use was not the cause of my fibro.  Based on research it is likely my car accident that triggered my fibromyalgia.


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3 Responses to Fibromyalgia – Mad Men and the Debunk of the Dots

  1. Jane says:

    I never knew about the connection between Fibro and traumatic incidents, but when I read it a light went off in my head. Perhaps my symptoms really are Fibro, something I’ve done my best to try to deny. I shall have to do further research. Thanks for the enlightenment.

    • I’m so glad you were able to make the connection of trauma to Fibro. My trauma was a fatal car accident in which my passenger was killed, and I was disabled for 5 months. I was lucky in comparison to my boyfriend, but it was after the accident that the headaches began and I remember in those early days feeling like I was so weak that I was dying. No one understood as I went from one doctor to another, one alternative healthcare provider to another yet Fibro was just not on the radar yet. A couple common threads I’ve found are accident/physical trauma and concussion. I have had at least 5 concussions being a horse trainer, and now realize how very bad that is to this condition. Let me know how I can be of assistance to you in any way – Missy

  2. Evelyn says:

    Yes, I tend to agree with the connection of fibromyalgia to traumatic accidents. I was in an accident when I was in eighth grade with severe whiplash. Always had lots of pain growing up. Never associated it with anything. I thought it was NORMAL to hurt! ha ha! I’m 56 and struggle with the pain every single day. AND, I just happen to be horse crazy (since 2 yrs old). So, I try to figure out how to live with the pain and still keep up riding. My husband thinks that pursuing horseback riding keeps me alive and prevents me from just quit trying to live.

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